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FastCAM Prof. Software Introduction

FastCAM have 30-years R&D history and famous brand in the world cutting& welding industry. FastCAM software are professional in drawing, nesting and programming for Gas, Plasma, Laser and Water-jetNCcutting machine. It is easy to learn and use without PC & AutoCAD basis. FastCAM supply multilingual software, technical support and training in America, Europe, Asia Pacific and China. FastCAM promote new technology to maximize productivity, improve quality and reduce cost.

FastCAM software has four modules for CNC cutting: FastCAM drawing module:
1) Draw: similar with CAD, to draw all kinds of parts
2) CAD compatible and Optimizer: to read in and optimize DXF/DWG files by  delete, compress, extract, explode

3) Cutting functions: Kerf compensation, plasma bridge, common line cutting, corners, CAD layers, word label

FastNEST automatic nesting module:
1) Manual nesting, easy & convenient to use
2) Automatic nesting in a row or in a matrix 
3) Full automatic nesting
4) Interactive nesting by auto and manual nesting
5) Common cut & continue cut to reduce pre-pierce

6) Remnant nesting for irregular remnant or parts

FastPATH automatic pathing module:
1) Programming: automatic & manual pathing include marking, path optimizer, multi-layer cutting
2) Support multiple CNC control, ESSI&EIA G/M code

3) Support Kerfs comp., pre-pierce, stitch& tag cutting

FastPLOT verification module:
1) NC Verification: automatic & manual simulation, dimension and kerf compensation verification
2) Costing: utilization, cut length, pierce & cutting cost

3) TransferNC files to CAM/DXF/DWG files

FastCAM Support: Windows98/2000/NT/XP/vista

FastCAMMulti-languages: Chinese/ English/ German/ Spanish/Polish/Korea/Czech/Russian etc. 
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